Biokill® is an internationally highly acclaimed ready-to-use insecticide for all creeping and flying insects and ectoparasites on pets. Can be applied to the animals themselves and their surroundings.

BIOKILL eliminates all insects with one single product!

  • 1 good insecticide instead of 10 different kinds?
  • 1 product against all vermin that can be used everywhere?
  • An odourless product that does not leave stains on fabric, curtains, etc.?
  • A product that doesn’t cause irritations on people and pets?

There’s just one solution: BIOKILL®!
Biokill is a ready-to-use spray product. Thanks to the special adjustable trigger it is easy to dose the product. In the Spray position it is possible to treat larger surfaces while areas that are difficult to reach are not a problem if you use the Jet position of the trigger.

Biokill is also effective for the following applications:

  • Against all creeping insects (ants, spiders, cockroaches, flees, mites, dust mites, and lice, bedbugs) and all flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, moths, wasps, etc.). In and around the home and all other places where humans and animals live, on all fabrics and surfaces that can withstand light temporary damp conditions.
  • On all small pets and places where they live against flees, lice, ticks, nits, etc.
  • Extremely effective
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Economical



Extremely effective, unique trap for most types
of flies

  • Reusable! Catches up to 20,000 flies each time
  • Contains a bait for first time use. Just add water and hang up (or stand upright). Easy and fast to replenish with BSI Bait for Flytraps
  • Effective biological pest control
  • Economical
  • Harmless for children, pets and the environment!


Effective bait for luring flies to the BSI Flytrap

  • 1 pack will last for more than 10 refills
  • Pour approximately one measure of powder into the trap and add water. Close the bottle after use.


Effective trap for catching wasps

  • Changeable in a trice
  • Use a dash of BSI Wasp Bait as bait
  • Simple to hang up or stand upright
  • Effective organic pest control
  • Harmless for children, pets and the environment!


Superior bait for ALL wasp traps!

  • In contrast to sweet baits, Wasp Bait only attracts wasps and not bees!
  • Economical: can be used with up to 15 refills