NO MOLES 100 odour balls

Repels and prevents invasion by moles during
several months.

  • Harmless for pets and wild animals

Dosage: 1 odour ball / m²

MOLES STOP mole repellent

The best ever electro-mechanical mole repellent

  • Ecofriendly, contains no poison and is harmless.
  • Speedy installation, comes with perforator tube.
  • Works for 2 to 4 months with 4 batteries (type D).
  • 1200 m² in dense soil
  • 500 m² in sand and peat

MOLE-AWAY in 1 day

Results guaranteed!

  • 2 professional scissor trap + photo guide ‘how to catch moles’
  • Ideal combination quality product + info
  • Excellent price


Catches moles without killing them

  • Tube shape with aluminium flaps
  • The mole pushes up the flap
  • The flap closes behind the mole
  • With a viewing panel at the top of the trap
  • The live mole can be removed and released elsewhere


Complete set with everything one needs to catch
moles and repair the damage

  • Contains 2 professional mole traps and other materials needed: search rods, cutting blade, special shovel, gloves, …
  • Lawn seed and fertiliser for lawn repair
  • Instruction folder and -DVD included